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One of the most common questions we get is: what does a typical day look like for you guys?  This tends to be a trick question because…there isn’t a typical day!  Here we will try to explain the various areas and capacities in which we serve.  As needs come and go, however, we continue to try to be flexible.  Our areas of ministry range anywhere from spending time with someone over a cup of coffee talking about what is going on in their lives to spending an entire day in the bank seemingly accomplishing nothing because we don’t have the right paperwork!  So, here goes our attempt to explain to you what all goes on in ministry for us:

We are involved in the Serving At Risk Families (SARF for short) ministry which is our sending agency’s Guatemalan ministry.  As opportunities continue to present itself to Servants, Inc. we see that SARF may not be the only ministry that serves the people of Guatemala.  Dylan is the director of operations for SARF which means he is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the ministry.  When there are business related issues, team decisions to be made about how we can best serve our families, when something goes wrong, when bills need to be paid, etc. he is the one people go to.  Missy is the relationship coordinator.  At Servants, we maintain that, “it is all about the relationships.”  A very important element of our ministry is to connect families.  By using the mySARF website, sponsors can remain connected to their families by receiving frequent email updates, send notes and letters, and build a lasting relationship.  While financial partnership is a necessity of any ministry, we are more focused on building relationships.  Missy even works hard to help connect people who come down on short term trips to be able to spend time with the families they sponsor and keep the communication lines as open as possible.  Aside from these two specific job descriptions, we work with the rest of our missionary team to serve and support the families sponsored through SARF.  This includes visiting the families on a regular basis, developing deeper relationships with them so we can disciple them into a more intimate relationship with Jesus, addressing physical issues as they arise, and counseling them through life’s ups and downs.

Missy loving on some of the kids in a family we serve.

Missy loving on some of the kids in a family we serve.

As part of this discipleship process, we also work closely with City of Refuge Community Christian Church.  Since the beginning of the journey in answering God’s call on our lives to serve in Guatemala, He has revealed to us that this is the church He wants us to serve in and through.  Some of our SARF families attend this church.  We have been working to help City of Refuge strengthen its core leadership and discipleship strategy.  Our first year in ministry involved simply building relationships with the people of the church.  We have shared many experiences that have stretched us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!  Please don’t hesitate to ask us about these experiences as they have helped shape who we are today and wouldn’t trade them for the world.  Just be warned that we could talk for hours about all of these life changing events!  The things we have so far been able to help them with are: establishing a fully functioning Celebrate Recovery program, reforming the church’s vision and mission for ministry, developing a discipleship strategy to grow the church, and helping to create a better church experience for those that attend.  We continue to work on an educational program for the church to grow in bible knowledge in sync with a practical application approach so that we all grow in learning how to put to practice what God tells us every day of our lives.  The future outlook for this church is to build a self sustaining church ministry that is having a Kingdom impact on the surrounding community and then replicating this approach in other areas of the country.  We are learning first hand how difficult and complicated this process is but God continues to bless us with encouragement and wisdom as we take it one step at a time.

Dylan using the pastor as an example of how we all need to work together as leaders to carry the burden of the church.

Dylan using the pastor as an example of how we all need to work together as leaders to carry the burden of the church.

In addition to these things, we also occasionally volunteer for other opportunities that present themselves.  Sometimes the church or other organizations need help with translating for teams that come down, distributing food or materials that are donated, or simply need help from us partnering to help achieve their goals.  We believe that while the above things are our main focus in ministry, that God has equipped us with many passions, skills, experiences, and talents to help people wherever we are.  It is not uncommon to catch us counseling others or teaching in some capacity when we are also in the U.S. (or anywhere else God’s Spirit leads us).  We believe that God has called us to bridge the gap between the United States and Guatemala, which is why sending out frequent newsletters and blog updates (subscription available below) are so important to us.  God’s mission for us in Uniting 2 Serve is about working together as a part of the Body of Christ to accomplish His mission: teaching others about the wonder that is God’s Salvation and what it means to walk in His Kingdom.

For a more in-depth view into our ministry, please browse around our website and check out our blog posts, core values, our vision statement, and even the story of how we heard God’s call to Guatemala!

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