Another Team, Another Blessing

This week Missy and I are “recovering” from hosting another team.  It seems it went a bit smoother this time;  I hope it continues to become easier.  This isn’t meant to sound like complaining, rather to explain that we are still in the process of learning.  It was nice to have everyone stay with us this time.  It made some things a little easier than last time.

We are grateful to have people come down and work alongside us here in Guatemala.  Sometimes it feels like there are too few workers and people who have a desire to serve here.  On Sunday our pastor here taught a lesson on the church we are supposed to be.  God calls us to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to host the stranger, and to visit the incarcerated.  God calls us to make a difference in this world and out of the love that He has given us, to share it with others.  It caught me off guard when the members of the team, while here to help Serve At Risk Families, also did what they could to serve us.  While we know that they all have hearts of service, it was unexpected from us.  It is similar to the church we are here to serve; they continually ask us how they can serve us.

I told the pastor on Sunday that it was a wonderful sermon because it reminded me of why we are here.  Many times I feel inadequate to do the work God has called us to do.  I feel overwhelmed by the massive needs of this community and to think I’m supposed to be a part of its recovery.  Why would God want to use me for such a big task?  How will I be able to do anything worthwhile?  Then I’m reminded of the story of the man throwing starfish one-by-one back into the sea.  It matters to the individual starfish he is able to help.  I’m reminded that I’m not called to help all, just the few that I can.  Someone else is called to help the others remaining and together we can help them all.

Derek serving the family by blowing bubbles with the kids.

Derek serving the family by blowing bubbles with the kids.

During one of our devotional times with the team, I recalled the story of Peter walking outside the gates of the city and following the leading of the Holy Spirit to call one of the beggars to stand up and walk away, healed from his afflictions.  Why wasn’t it everyone sitting there?  What is the point of just healing one person instead of everyone?  The truth is that our walk with God is about listening to what He says, following His leading, and carrying it out.  It isn’t about how big the task is ahead of us, it’s about following Him regardless of how hopeless or pointless it seems.

The next team is scheduled to come down in January.  We plan on finishing the work here that the September team started: putting in a computer lab for a struggling school in the community.  If time and funding allows, we hope to also help at least one other family in January.  Will you step up and make a difference?  Will you Unite 2 Serve with us in Guatemala? Will you answer the call of God to serve others as He has served us?  If the answer is “yes,” click here to learn more.

The lab has been painted and prepped for the January team to build desks and install the computers!

The lab has been painted and prepped for the January team to build desks and install the computers!

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  1. carol musselman says:

    Hi Dylan & Missy: So glad you are learning to receive as well as to give care. Both are important. Remember — on an airplane you are always instructed (in case of emergency) to put your own oxygen mask on first before trying to help someone else.

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