As some of you may know, I have taken to building websites as a “hobby”.  I call it a hobby because I don’t get paid for it and it is something I enjoy doing, but you won’t find me randomly building a website because I’m bored or want to entertain myself for a few weeks. […]

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Visiting Home

Ahhhh the joy of going home!!!  Ok so I know technically Guatemala is not my home yet however, it really is starting to feel that way.  I had the opportunity to return to Guatemala in February with our church’s missions team.  York Christian Church (YCC), our home church, has taken a team to Guatemala for […]

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Team building and trip prep

Hi friends and family, The Serving At Risk Families (SARF) leadership team had our monthly meeting this past Friday night.  We are currently working on discerning what role God is calling each of us to fill within the ministry.  We were able to make significant progress in this area at the meeting.  God has gifted our […]

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