How do we Serve At Risk Families?

The past couple weeks we have been posting about the families we are serving here and their needs.  Without you guys, none of this is possible.  God has put it on our hearts that part of our ministry here is to bridge the gap between the U.S. and the needs in Guatemala.  If you are […]

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The DeLeon Family

Patty is the center of the story for this family. She lives with her father, sister, and two nieces in a house not too far from where we live.  We had heard a lot about this family before we moved to Guatemala from Jon.  In the beginning, she didn’t want to even hear the word […]

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The Monrroy Family – aka “The Marias”

The past 2 weeks I have talked a lot about financial sponsorship, mainly for children.  Part of this is because now is the time for kids to enroll in school.  Once January comes along, it is more difficult and expensive for kids to get into school and do well.  We don’t want anyone to think, […]

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