Being the church

“Now that’s what being the church is all about” said my friend Kathy to me on one of our regular skype meetings.  I had just finished telling her about the amazing way our church came around and supported one of the families from our congregation when they lost almost everything in a house fire. The […]

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Hey everyone! We know it has been a short while since you have heard much from us.  If you haven’t heard by now, we are back in Guatemala!  We have had quite the experience re-integrating with our ministry here which we will update you more about when we send out our next newsletter which is […]

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Presentation 2015

While we have been back in the US for the past couple months, we have had the opportunity to share at some churches.  We were also invited to share at an elementary school!  We will continue sharing throughout York County until we leave, but in case you don’t live near where we are presenting, we […]

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