Urgent prayer request!! Please take time to read and pray!

Hi everyone! We wanted to send this out to ask for you all to join us in prayer about something that has been transpiring over the last 2 weeks. We have recently heard that one of the families we serve is possibly involved with gang members. Our group of 5 […]

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Dylan Got His DPI!!!


Since September, I have been waiting to get my DPI, which is the Guatemalan ID card.  You may recall Missy getting hers a last August and many of you have been wondering, “but what about Dylan’s?”  Well, it’s finally here! We were making jokes about how my military background was hindering the process […]

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Backpack Blessings

Most of the backpacks were so heavy the kids had trouble carrying them BUT they were still happy to get them!

January was such a busy month for us here in Guatemala. We had 4 new missionaries arrive and stay with us the first week of January, we worked countless hours to get all of the children in the families we serve registered and supplied with all their material for school, […]

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CR for the Family


If you have been keeping up with our ministry here at all you will know that Celebrate Recovery not only has a very special place in our hearts, but is also one of our main goals here: to establish and develop leaders for a fully functioning and effective CR ministry […]

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Christmas Caravan 2014

so happy with her new shoes she wanted a picture!

We were blessed this year to partake in Jon’s annual Christmas Caravan!  Since he is leaving the country for the holidays, he had to plan it a couple weeks ahead of time.  So, yesterday we joined him in his caravan adventure.  We handed out clothes, shoes, candy, and tamales (a […]

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A Week Of Miracles

I got to lead a couple to the Lord

We are still reeling from our experience over the past week when we were away in the villages of Guatemala translating for a team that was here serving with the International Ministry of Healing.  We are trying to get our minds to catch up to what happened and quite honestly, […]

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Our October Team


Some of you might be wondering why we haven’t posted an update in a while.  Truth is, we’ve been really busy!  October has been consumed with launching the SARF Backpack Campaign and preparing for, hosting, and catching up from the team that came down to work with us in October.  Four people […]

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The benefits of knowing 2 languages

Learning more than one language definitely has it’s ups and downs.  For instance when you learn a new language you spend many days with your brain feeling like mush to the point that you don’t even want to talk in your first language because it requires too much mental energy […]

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Challenge Accepted!


As some of you may have heard, we have been working really hard lately to continually raise support for our families we are serving here in respect to the coming school year (in January).  On October 1st, Guatemala’s National Kids’ Day, Servants, Inc. launched our first annual SARF Backpack Campaign! […]

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mySARF combomark_Final

As some of you may know, I have taken to building websites as a “hobby”.  I call it a hobby because I don’t get paid for it and it is something I enjoy doing, but you won’t find me randomly building a website because I’m bored or want to entertain […]

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