A Little Adventure


Today I took a little adventure.  We have ben trying to make sure to take a rest and observe our Sabbath during Saturday afternoon.  I had this gnawing desire to go somewhere on foot in Antigua today.  Missy thought I was being a little crazy, “are you sure you want to go?”  I had said I was going to walk to the store to get our internet taken care of.  We try to help each other make sure that when we do something that seems like work while observing a Sabbath, that it is truly something we want to do instead of have to do.

On the way back home, I stopped at a popular café to try some of their coffee.  I strolled across a touristy section, The Arch, and heard some music playing.  It was at that moment I decided I wanted to capture them on video to share with you all.  After watching and recording, I felt a little change in pace.  I felt relaxed and slowed my pace as I strolled through the street.  It felt almost surreal, like those moments in movies were someone feels a little detached from the rest of the world.  After taking a picture of the sign for a Mexican Restaurant in Antigua, I found a big artisan market that I had never seen before tucked inside one of the buildings.

Who would have thought there would be an authentic Mexican restaurant in Guatemala?

Who would have thought there would be an authentic Mexican restaurant in Guatemala?

I snapped some pics that you can find on our Pinterest and Facebook pages  of funny stuff I found.  I strolled around looking at the interesting sculptures and textiles for sale.  It amazed me how much more expensive they were there in comparison to the famous artisans market on the other side of town.  I just wanted to yell, “stop looking here and go to the other market!” but I just smiled and observed, feeling a little bit like a local.  I’m sure the real locals did the same to me as I stopped and took pictures of stuff I wouldn’t pay for!  I found it interesting that there was an older woman crafting something with what looked like dried corn hair (you know, the stuff that gets in your teeth).  I thought about taking a video of what she was doing but I had no clue what she was making.  Then I saw the sign, “5Q tip for photos”.  I should have taken a picture of the sign.

As I left the tourist area and continued on my journey home, I started to recognize things I haven’t seen before but were probably always there.  I noticed a motorcycle with two cops, one carrying an MP9 submachine gun.  I noticed a dog who had just given birth scrounging for food for her pups (and felt bad I didn’t have any to give her).

I got home excited and full of stories and some pictures to share with my wife.  It was then I realized how much

These little things run all over town.  They are cheap for transportation but you might need a chiropractor afterwards!

These little things run all over town. They are cheap for transportation but you might need a chiropractor afterwards!

adventure energizes me.  I mean, I’ve always been adventurous, but it amazed me how a little walk to slow down and notice the little things we normally miss really made me feel good.  Maybe it was the Mayan/ Marimba music that started it all.  Maybe it was the brief moment of solitude.  Maybe it was being able to come home to my wonderful wife.  Maybe it was a little bit of everything.  I know one thing for sure, it was but a tiny gift from God.  He calls us to rest for a reason, we just need to discover what “rest” means to us personally so we can enjoy it.

Take a few minutes to just lay back and let this music soothe you…

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  1. Mary-Ellen Hershey says:

    This is terrific, Dylan. Such a nice day you had. The boy in the middle has a stack of CD’s for sale – perfect for any occasion 🙂   Love, Mom


    Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening ~ Steven Tyler  



  2. Patricia McLucas says:

    Loved the music video! Thanks for sending it.


  3. dharris50 says:

    Atta boy. Rest, worship and delight, brother.

  4. Brad and Barbara says:

    Nice “adventure”, Dylan – but we can’t get the Band video yet ( still working on it ! )

    Love, B & B

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