It’s Time For Action!

The bibles are here! The bibles are here! The bibles are here! Ok, maybe it doesn’t seem as exciting as we portray it to be, but let me try to convince you.  We mentioned a while back that in February we had the chance to meet with a special ministry during our Intermissions Conference about these […]

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Meet the Mercado Family!

So, just the other day I realized that after our “surge” of introducing families to our readers last year, we never introduced any other family!  Today we want to share with you a family we have been working very close with over the past year. Meet Olga and her 3 kids!  Olga is a woman […]

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Life, Liberty, and Migrants

Being a missionary in an impoverished and gang controlled area of Guatemala, some of our friends have started asking for our perspective in the newly popular media trend of talking about children from Guatemala that are illegally entering the United States.  I’m wondering why it has taken so long for people to start noticing!  Since […]

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