Juan Fortin Computer Lab Project

Over the course of the past couple years, we have been working closely with Juan Fortin Rural Mixed School to help them receive a donation of computers from York College.  Their previous computer lab was literally stolen from them as someone was slid a key from a staff member and their previous equipment was stolen.  Our […]

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Dylan’s Free eBook

Some of you have heard about it, some of you have not.  Here’s the skinny! Since the beginning of my spiritual transformation in 2008, I have been writing daily blog posts/ bible study updates.  In working through the Celebrate Recovery program at York Christian Church, I realized that it was time for me to truly […]

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I Get To Be The Doo!

I’ve never really been one for titles, especially those that make me sound like a turd. Ok, now that I have you laughing, it’s time to get serious people!  There is a lot going on here in Guatemala and I want to talk about it.  Ok, maybe I was being too harsh that time.  I’m […]

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