The Smell of War

Those of you who have been on a true physical battleground probably had an instantaneous memory flash back when you read the title of this post.  Maybe some of you who have experienced a shooting range might have an inclination (no offense, but it’s not the same).  Either way, the fact that there is a […]

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Hitting the Ground Running!

Just a week after language school, we are already hosting our first team!  Does it sound as crazy to you as it does to us?  Some of you know we have been preparing for this (it’s not a surprise to us, but still mindboggling).  Servants, Inc. is sending down a team of 8 to Serve […]

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Linguistic Mishaps

As we complete our final week of language school, we wanted to share with you all some “mistakes” we made over the past 6 months in Spanish.  When learning a new language, we have found that the slightest mistakes (a vowel, a stress syllable, or even the incorrect usage of a pronoun) can change the […]

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