A Little Adventure

Today I took a little adventure.  We have ben trying to make sure to take a rest and observe our Sabbath during Saturday afternoon.  I had this gnawing desire to go somewhere on foot in Antigua today.  Missy thought I was being a little crazy, “are you sure you want to go?”  I had said […]

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Subconscious Rebellion

I noticed this week that my attitude was poor.  I think I realized I was off when I noticed how strangely excited I was for the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Since last Monday all I could think about was not just going to the restaurant we found that displays American sports to see the “big […]

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Language School!

Praise the Lord we made it through our two weeks of language school!!!  I must say I was REALLY excited to start language school and get further in my Spanish learning but after our these first 2 weeks I’m not AS excited anymore…lol  By Wednesday of our first week I was waking up with the […]

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